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This is the first of my Obscurity!Mixes, wherein I challenge people to challenge me to compile a fanmix based upon the random bits of obscure musical crap on my playlists. *G* If anyone wants to join in the challenge, drop a comment here so I can spread more of the unknown-tunes lurve.

[ profile] velvetwhip requested a mix for Grace/Jack, one of her favorite 'ships in the Profilerverse and one that's beginning to strike me as having lots of shiny train-wrecky potential. When I listened to this mix my first thought was "wow, Grace sounds pretty pissed off through this whole thing," but really, if a girl has to put up with a mopey serial killer who messes up her lab and obsesses over her blonde office-mate, she can be as pissy as she wants on my iPod. ;)

Let me know if you want any individual songs uploaded, and enjoy!

misery loves company :: a grace / jack mix

01:: roisin murphy :: ramalama (bang bang)

could a body close the mind out, stitch a seam across the eye / if you can be good you’ll live forever, if you’re bad you’ll die when you die

02:: rotary downs :: vulgar ways

talking 'bout the troubles of a well-known criminal / his friends won’t touch him but he knows his women will not complain

03:: emilie autumn :: misery loves company

you’re not a prince, you’re not a friend / you’re just a child, and in the end / you’re one more selfish lover / do I need you (yes and no) / do I want you (maybe so)

04:: pinky beecroft and the white russians :: make your selection press ok

if you had your life once more would you live it like before / or would you turn and lock your door if you could see me coming?

05:: bird york:: wicked little high

you’re the reason for therapy, why i should go back / hey mr. wrong, you’re the tingle in my jeans / you’re everything i want and everything i don’t need

06:: jackie blue :: jackie

and i try so hard to refrain / oh but jackie just won’t let me be

07:: carina round :: stolen car

well i didn’t mean to be looking for you, but it’s cold in the alley and my life’s a mess / there’s a room on fire in the back of my brain

[download .zip with all songs & artwork]"

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