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Written for [ profile] bittersweet325 as part of the [ profile] profiler_fans 2009 Secret Santa Exchange - the original post can be found

It was a good year for George & Rich, who finally got lots of love in a fic exchange!

Boxing Day

author: Robin Nance

pairing / story type: George/Rich, Humor/Romance/Holiday

rating / warnings: PG-13 for language, otherwise this is pretty warning-free

"The next person who volunteers me as official holiday event planner 'because gay men do the best parties, George' is getting his ass kicked."

Richard Warren poked his head out of the kitchen at the utterance, then made a spectacular effort not to choke on a combination of eggnog and hysterical laughter.

"Oh, babe, you look like Frontgate and Pottery Barn just had an orgy all over your head."

George Fraley, FBI computer guru extraordinaire and one-time good little Jewish boy, sat in a large circle of Christmas...paraphernalia was the only thing to call it.

Boxes were scattered all over the living room, bursting with Santas, snowmen, reindeer and one three-foot mechanical Yukon Cornelius who had a creepy tendency to shake his hips and sing "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" whether or not his hand was squeezed. An artificial tree lay half-dismembered in front of the bay window, bendable wire branches trailing across the floor like body parts at a crime scene.

George looked like he'd much rather be at that kind of crime scene. Taking pity, Rich stepped carefully over an open package of glass ornaments with a steaming mug.

"It's spiked - I figured you could use a seasonal Hot Toddy right about now."

"I knew I loved you for a reason." George clinked his cup to Rich's glass with a tired sigh. "God, I'm glad this season is over. There's so much hype and wasted energy and angsting over creating this perfect scene that doesn't even exist."

"Pot, kettle, hello? You were the one who wanted to do the great Christmas coming-out party with your office gang." Rich shook his head as he perused the littered floor. "I've had enough years of vacuuming up tinsel droppings to know that the fun always gives way to exhaustion on the twenty-sixth. I was the one who tried to talk you into starting our own little Christma-Hanu-Kwaanzakah tradition in Hawaii, remember?"

"Believe me, I'm kicking myself over that one." George sighed and stretched, then jumped as his foot hit a box and set off another loud round of "let nothing ye dismay." "Holy shit, why the hell did Grace buy me that damned thing? I'm going to hide it under a sheet in the morgue and see how she likes it. And by the way, Richard, I did not throw a 'coming-out' party. Everyone at work knows you exist already."

Rich kicked the box, but Yukon Cornelius kept shaking his groove thing and singing. "Well, it was worth a shot. They're all pretty nice, actually. I figured they'd all be as uptight as your boss."

George grinned. "Bailey's OK, he just runs on his own schedule. He loosened up pretty well by the end of the night."

"He loosened up as soon as his little blonde hottie came anywhere near him." Rich waggled his eyebrows comically. "I sense intra-office shenanigans."

This provoked an actual snort. "There are no shenanigans with Sam and Bailey. Or Sam and John for that matter. I think she's got too much on her plate to even think about anything like that."

"Yeah, it kind of sucks to be her, adorable daughter or not," Rich condeded. "So what was with the room-mate sneaking off with her girlfriend every fifteen minutes? That was more hot lesbian action than this place has seen since before we moved in."

"Hot -- oh, no, babe, that wasn't it at all, Angel and Frances were sneaking cigarette breaks." George frowned at a glitter-covered styrofoam snowman. "At least I think that's what they were doing. Did they smell smoky to you?"

"Sweetie, I forgot to sniff them." Rich rolled his eyes. "OK, look, you take a box and I'll take a box, and we'll just keep loading up until we meet in the middle."

"Or we just could sit here and snuggle in a big pile of crap." George dropped his head onto Rich's shoulder and grinned encouragingly.

"Nice thought, but that's a no." Rich leaned down for a quick kiss, then pushed his partner playfully. "Grace and her husband are coming over to celebrate Christmas Leftover Night so we need to get presentable."

"We have a Christmas Leftover Night now?"

Rich shrugged. "I figured we might as well add one more holiday ritual to the pile. If that includes feeding the friends of the man I love, so be it."

"I love you too, babe." George leaned back in for another kiss. "Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go figure out how to hide Yukon Cornelius behind the toilet in the guest bathroom." He waggled his eyebrows. "There will be shenanigans."

Rich snorted and shook his head. He loved the man dearly, but they were so doing Hawaii next year.
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