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Hope everyone's having a good holiday and able to sneak in a little downtime! 

I haven't even started to look at all of the Yuletide rec posts - I'm becoming aware of how very few of those tiny fandoms I've even heard of! - but if anyone wants to point me in the direction of a fic I absolutely positively can't miss out on, please drop me a comment and I'll happily go check it out.

I wanted to give a shout-out to a couple of less-publicized holiday exchanges that I'm having fun participating in this year:

*the annual Secret Santa exchange is ongoing at [ profile] profiler_fans - I've completely lost track of how long it's been up and running but I'm pretty sure we're scarily close to pushing the 10-year point.   0_o   Participation is dwindling down a bit now, as it does with older fandoms, but there was a small but lovely collection of marvelous things to read and listen to and look at this year, and it's definitely worth going over to check out.

*the first (I think!) annual Once Upon a Time holiday exchange fest at [ profile] ouat_exchange is ongoing and posting as I type.  There's quite a nice collection of excellent fics, fanmixes, art/icons and vids, including something by me, a.k.a. Anon Elf until the reveal in early January. *G* 

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