Aug. 31st, 2013

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Title: somewhere east of Taliesen (can't get there from here)

Author: [personal profile] empty_marrow

Rating: R (language, mentions of some violence and sexual situations)

Characters/Pairings: mainly Ruby and Granny; mentions of Ruby/OFC/OMC, Ruby/Billy and Ruby/Whale; appearances by most of the rest of the Storybrooke crowd

Word Count: 9,179

Warnings: spoilers up to and including season 2 episode 9, "Queen of Hearts"

Summary: She can still feel the longing of the little girl she never was as she fell in love at first sight with the skyline of a city she never set foot in. Irony, not!Ruby whispers in the back of her brain, can be a real bitch.

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So apparently when I get into a fandom I still manage to pick a 'ship that all of 10 people are into, if not actively appalled by.  I'm so glad I'm consistent. ;)

Title: Beware of Falling Objects

Author: [personal profile] empty_marrow

Rating: Mature (some language and mild sexual situations)

Characters/Pairings: Cosette/Javert

Word Count: 11,055

Warnings: somewhat irreverent discussions of suicide and religion

Summary: In which Cosette and Javert discover it’s not so easy to burn your bridges, especially if you happen to be standing on one at the time.

Fic can also be found on AO3 here.


Inspector, I’m not trying to save your soul. I’m trying to tell you that this bridge is already taken. I was here first, and I’m on kind of a time-crunch, so you’ll just have to find another spot to jump. )


She can't help thinking that if her father were here to witness this he'd have a massive guiltgasm and spend the rest of his days trying to atone for every single sin against every living creature in the history of ever. )


Life-lessons learned this evening: suicide's not the answer, she has a latent uniform kink, and her daddy issues apparently have daddy issues of their own. )
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tell you stories bruised and blue (of drum machines and landslides)

Author: [personal profile] empty_marrow

Fandoms: Profiler, Dollhouse

Characters/Pairings: Frances Malone, John Grant, Laurence Dominic; shades of Frances/John and (OFC)Frances/Dominic

Rating/Warnings: R, violence/language/sexual situations

Notes: Written for [personal profile] sinaddict for the 2012 Profiler Secret Santa Exchange, and still a WIP, as seems to be my sad habit with Profiler fics these days.

The thing about LA is that it doesn't give a damn about not being Vancouver. )


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