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tell you stories bruised and blue (of drum machines and landslides)

Author: [personal profile] empty_marrow

Fandoms: Profiler, Dollhouse

Characters/Pairings: Frances Malone, John Grant, Laurence Dominic; shades of Frances/John and (OFC)Frances/Dominic

Rating/Warnings: R, violence/language/sexual situations

Notes: Written for [personal profile] sinaddict for the 2012 Profiler Secret Santa Exchange, and still a WIP, as seems to be my sad habit with Profiler fics these days.

The thing about LA is that it doesn't give a damn about not being Vancouver. )
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Now that my shiny new computer is up and running and I've played around with burning CDs and making mp3 files familiarized myself with all of the very serious and important features, I've had a chance to re-install my trusty little Iomega zip drive. Hey, mock me if you must, but that little doober saved my hindparts several times when my dearly-departed laptop decided to have its semi-regular meltdowns. I owe that little Iomega. We have a relationship, man.

That brings me to the "Fic File" on said Iomega, which contains more half-started fics than I'd realized. Some of them were begging for the recycle bin, and off they went. But there are several there that I really want to work on, so I figured I'd post the list here to a) have a place to bookmark for periodic self-reminders and b) to at least have a reason to update this poor little LJ.

In-progress, active fics (erm, my version of 'active' at least): )

The 'plots are outlined, now I have to write 'em' fics: )

...and the obligatory random plot bunnies... )

Oy, big list. Any suggestions/motivational tips out there?
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*sigh* It's not my fault.

I blame [ profile] medie, who created the Random Plot Generator o'Doom. And [ profile] azarsuerte, for pointing out its existence in a recent post.

And of course the Plot Generator itself, which is just sooooo addictively fun to play with.

Having already been bitten by a Tara/Sirius bunny, I figured I'd post a few other random pairings that amused me, in the hopes that I could subtly coerce others to write for me give gentle encouragement for more fic.

*Lex Luthor/Ethan Rayne--> c'mon, you know they're practically made for eachother in all their evil sexiness!
*Sydney Bristow/Cordelia Chase--> just...yum!
*Harvey Dent/Darla
*Ginny Weasley/Peter Parker--> I think they'd be oddly sweet.
*Wolverine/Han Solo--> *giggles stupidly* I dare someone to slash this pair!
*Benjamin Sisko/Molly Weasley
*Sirius Black/Beverly Crusher
*Ethan Rayne/Oliver Wood--> "Mr. Rayne, is that a Quidditch bat in your trousers or--OH..."
*Whitney Fordman/Angel
*Hermione Granger/Lionel Luthor--> "Mr. Luthor, is that a wand you're hiding under your suit or -- OH..."
*Wolverine/Lilah Morgan
*Chloe Sullivan/Tara
*Alex Krycek/Xander Harris--> y'know, I actually think I've read this one somewhere!
*Rogue/Riley Finn--> another sweet one, I think.
*Arthur Weasley/Drusilla--> Sired!Arthur...*giggle*
*Chakotay/MacGyver--> "Ooh, MacGuyver, is that a gadget in your pants or--oh, it really is a gadget..."
*Riley Finn/Bill Weasley--> military/curse-breakin' macho luuuurve, baby!
*Worf/Willow Rosenberg
*Joyce Summers/The Joker
*Arthur Weasley/Sam Beckett--> "Accio lube!" "Oh, boy..."
*Cordelia Chase/The Joker
*Dawn Summers/Legolas--> and this one just amused me greatly. *G*

There were probably tons more that'd be fun to write, but I didn't know very many names (Obscure Fandom Girl here, remember?). Imagine what bunnies would hop around over Frances Malone and Voldemort. *G*
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This has been kicking around on my hard drive for over a month while I hammered out the plot-line -- maybe all the leading news stories this week about Hurricane Frances were what finally nudged my Muse into gear. *G*

Yes, it's a Buffy/Profiler cross-over. Yes, I'm spending a considerable amount of time and a potential butt-load o'chapters on a cross-over of two defunct shows. What's your point? ;)

Frannie the Vampire Slayer: Prologue )

Chapter 1 )


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