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After much interference from pesky RL I've finally finished my Obscurity!Mix for Sam/Jack, wherein their lives are chronicled via the obscure crap on my iTunes as requested by the lurvely [ profile] m_ravensblood.

All lead-in quotes are from episodes of "Profiler" and, IMO, most of the songs and lyrics can be as skewed or non-skewed as the listener chooses to make them. Except for the decidedly-skewed cracky ficlet that leads in to the bonus track, because "Into the Dark" is just too damned angsty to end with, even for me. ;)

Drop a comment if you want a) any song uploaded individually off the .zip or b) an obscurity!mix for your own character/ship/whatnot...I have tons of weird-ass music that hasn't been touched yet!

a cigarette's a falling star, a dream within a trail of sparks... )
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This is the first of my Obscurity!Mixes, wherein I challenge people to challenge me to compile a fanmix based upon the random bits of obscure musical crap on my playlists. *G* If anyone wants to join in the challenge, drop a comment here so I can spread more of the unknown-tunes lurve.

[ profile] velvetwhip requested a mix for Grace/Jack, one of her favorite 'ships in the Profilerverse and one that's beginning to strike me as having lots of shiny train-wrecky potential. When I listened to this mix my first thought was "wow, Grace sounds pretty pissed off through this whole thing," but really, if a girl has to put up with a mopey serial killer who messes up her lab and obsesses over her blonde office-mate, she can be as pissy as she wants on my iPod. ;)

Let me know if you want any individual songs uploaded, and enjoy!

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Heh. Apparently I require a soundtrack before I can write fic, and then the soundtrack takes on a life of its own., this is my shameful secret: I'm in dark, dirty luuurve with 1950's -1970's era country & western music. *G* Mind, I was born in the 1960s and I spent lots of time around relatives in a tiny Canadian Maritimes province that was very into the C&W scene, so I basically grew up on a steady diet of this music. And as you can see from my other fanmixes, I definitely play in lots of other musical sandboxes, but when I get tired of all things rock/pop/emo/classical/etc., I invariably wander back to my honky-tonk tunes.

A teeny mini-meta on the appeal of the roadhouse ballad... )

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And so we continue in my “who exactly the hell is this again?” series of obscure fanmixes for obscure characters. *G*

The Who & Why of Avery Tolar… )
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So apparently, even when my fandom isn't particularly obscure, the characters I choose to fall for are. Nice to know I'm consistent. ;)

This is sort of a departure from my typical trip-hoppy female-vocalist-focused soundtracks. I figured Dylan and his boys would be more into the kind of modern hard-rocking tunes and Vietnam-era classics that go best with beer, football and cruising with the windows down on a hot summer's day. Jimi Hendrix and the bomb squad...can everyone see the bad "baby boomer" puns coming from a mile away? *G*

Enjoy, play 'em loud, and please let me know if any links are broken so I can fix 'em up.

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(Cross-posted to [ profile] empty_marrow as well as [ profile] fanmix and [ profile] fandomsounds. Resources for the artwork include wonderful screencaps done by [ profile] dj_capslock.)
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This virgin voyage into fanmix posting is brought to you by the letter "P," the number "666," and has been cross-posted to [ profile] fanmix and [ profile] fandomsounds as well as my [ profile] empty_marrow LJ. Because uploading a big butt-load o'YSI links takes ages even with DSL, and I might as well spread the lurve. Or annoyance. ;)

Obviously, I have this habit of falling for defunct, obscure shows. *G* I guess I could sub-title this mix "the 'ship that would never happen in the second season they're not going to film, but which would be so right up my warped, twisted, fandom-y little alley."

...because when an irresistable force such as her meets an old immovable object like him (and when there's so much snarky electricity between them) you just know they'd rock each other's Underworld. ;)

In the Red: A Christina Nickson/Lucas Boyd Fanmix

...and I hate to admit how I love when you give it to me... )

Please let me know if any links and such are broken or expired and I'll repair 'em!


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