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OK, that [ profile] skewedbelievers New Year's/January challenge fic that I was ignoring in favor of playing with the previous meme? Has turned into a 3000+ word angst-fest. Because I like my Jack and Sam when they suffer, baby. ;)

So in an effort to avoid it yet again tonight, I present my tally of 2005 Fics and WiPs. I included a couple of the Secret Santa fics I wrote last year as well -- I hadn't posted them until the first week of January anyway, thanks to my computer having a massive meltdown around that time, so I figured they count. ;)

Completed Fics, by Fandom:

Crack-the-Whip (R, John/Frances, Drama/Romance) - 5904 words
Once They Built a Railroad (PG-13, Jack/Samantha, Drama/Angst) - 2143 words

Veronica Mars:
Call it an Adventure (PG-13, Veronica/Logan, Angst/Comfort/Friendship) - 2201 words

Dead Like Me:
Holes (R, George/Rube, Romance/Angst) - 356 words

Star Wars/Return of the Sith:
Keeping Up Appearances (R-ish, Anakin/Palpatine, Parody) - 4787 words
Sex and the Sithy, Part 1: Scenes from the Cafe Galactika (P-13, Cast, Parody) – 2488 words

By my calculations that makes a total of 17879 words - so, not as much as I'd have liked to write, but a respectable amount and a pretty reasonable goal to exceed this year, I think. ;)

WiPs, with snippets:

Untitled - Profiler - Sam/Jack parody )

Seven Days - Profiler - Cast, Sam/Jack )

A Little Like Insane - Profiler - Frances/Jack )

Frannie the Vampire Slayer - Profiler - Cast, Frances/John, Frances/Marcus )

Untitled - Point Pleasant - Christina/Boyd )

I didn't include a couple of WiPs that are more collections of sentences than cohesive stories at the moment; and I didn't include my 2005 Secret Santa fic because that's the one that I'm (hopefully!) going to finish and post this week. So help me out here, people -- should I continue these? And if the answer's yes, will you get out your Big Pointy Sticks and beat on gently encourage me? ;)
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My sophomore effort at "Star Wars" parody fic, of the what-might-happen-if-George-Lucas-and-Candace-Bushnell-had-a-hot-yet-tragic-flannel-and-Manolo-filled-one-night-stand variety. Apparently, watching HBO reruns and partaking of the monkey crack leads to scary things. *G* Cross-posted to that wacky little crackhouse known as [ profile] unlimitedepower.

Sex and the Sithy, chapter 1: Scenes from the Café Galacticka

Author: Robin Nance

Story Type: Parody, Anakin/Padme, implied Anakin/Palpatine

Rating: PG-13ish

Summary: In which the Jedi does the Chancellor, the Chancellor does the Jedi, some back-story gets fleshed out, and everyone has these kick-ass shoes....


Ah, Coruscant -- if you ain't here, you're no freakin' place. )
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Yes folks, that popping sound you hear is in fact my “Star Wars” fandom cherry. If anyone had told me a couple of months ago that I'd be writing for this fandom, let alone writing fluffy slashy parody for these two characters, I'd've asked for the number of their monkey-crack dealer. *sigh*

I'm blaming the evil, evil influences at [ profile] unlimitedepower for this one.

Keeping Up Appearances

Author: Robin Nance

Rating: R-ish for suggestive stuff and naughty words

Story Type: parody, Palpatine/Anakin, SLASH

Summary: Palpatine, Anakin, and maintaining illusions in public. One of them was bound to screw it up.

Cos Palpatine could have been a contender... )


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