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Written for [ profile] m_ravensblood  for the 2009 [ profile] yuletide exchange, and with thanks to [ profile] sinaddict for wading through my first couple of paragraphs o'crap - this finally turned into something I'm quite happy with, but it was a battle!

The original post at AO3 is here.

Right from the beginning - their beginning - he tells her the truth. )
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OK, that [ profile] skewedbelievers New Year's/January challenge fic that I was ignoring in favor of playing with the previous meme? Has turned into a 3000+ word angst-fest. Because I like my Jack and Sam when they suffer, baby. ;)

So in an effort to avoid it yet again tonight, I present my tally of 2005 Fics and WiPs. I included a couple of the Secret Santa fics I wrote last year as well -- I hadn't posted them until the first week of January anyway, thanks to my computer having a massive meltdown around that time, so I figured they count. ;)

Completed Fics, by Fandom:

Crack-the-Whip (R, John/Frances, Drama/Romance) - 5904 words
Once They Built a Railroad (PG-13, Jack/Samantha, Drama/Angst) - 2143 words

Veronica Mars:
Call it an Adventure (PG-13, Veronica/Logan, Angst/Comfort/Friendship) - 2201 words

Dead Like Me:
Holes (R, George/Rube, Romance/Angst) - 356 words

Star Wars/Return of the Sith:
Keeping Up Appearances (R-ish, Anakin/Palpatine, Parody) - 4787 words
Sex and the Sithy, Part 1: Scenes from the Cafe Galactika (P-13, Cast, Parody) – 2488 words

By my calculations that makes a total of 17879 words - so, not as much as I'd have liked to write, but a respectable amount and a pretty reasonable goal to exceed this year, I think. ;)

WiPs, with snippets:

Untitled - Profiler - Sam/Jack parody )

Seven Days - Profiler - Cast, Sam/Jack )

A Little Like Insane - Profiler - Frances/Jack )

Frannie the Vampire Slayer - Profiler - Cast, Frances/John, Frances/Marcus )

Untitled - Point Pleasant - Christina/Boyd )

I didn't include a couple of WiPs that are more collections of sentences than cohesive stories at the moment; and I didn't include my 2005 Secret Santa fic because that's the one that I'm (hopefully!) going to finish and post this week. So help me out here, people -- should I continue these? And if the answer's yes, will you get out your Big Pointy Sticks and beat on gently encourage me? ;)
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This virgin voyage into fanmix posting is brought to you by the letter "P," the number "666," and has been cross-posted to [ profile] fanmix and [ profile] fandomsounds as well as my [ profile] empty_marrow LJ. Because uploading a big butt-load o'YSI links takes ages even with DSL, and I might as well spread the lurve. Or annoyance. ;)

Obviously, I have this habit of falling for defunct, obscure shows. *G* I guess I could sub-title this mix "the 'ship that would never happen in the second season they're not going to film, but which would be so right up my warped, twisted, fandom-y little alley."

...because when an irresistable force such as her meets an old immovable object like him (and when there's so much snarky electricity between them) you just know they'd rock each other's Underworld. ;)

In the Red: A Christina Nickson/Lucas Boyd Fanmix

...and I hate to admit how I love when you give it to me... )

Please let me know if any links and such are broken or expired and I'll repair 'em!


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