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Happy New Year! I think one of my resolutions for 2007 should be to post in this journal more than once every 3-4 months. *G*

The Recs:

1. Congratulations and a big THANK YOU once again to all of the talented souls at [ profile] profiler_fans, who came up with such creative goodies for the 2006 Secret Santa Exchange! Please go to the Big Wrap-Up Post at the PF site for links to all of the fics and mixes.

2. [ profile] rustler gifted me with an absolutely amazing fic for Yuletide, Us: Four Moments in Time. It's "The Wire", it's Stringer Bell/Avon Barksdale, and it's bittersweet and heartbreaking and awesome.

3. I got two wonderful special fic gifts from my fellow fans of off-kilter "Profiler" pairings: Faded Memories by [ profile] m_ravensblood is Sam/Jack skewed angst-fest about love that perseveres when the physical world fades, and Worst Case Scenario by [ profile] sinaddict (welcome back!) is an intriguing Frannie/John future-fic scenario that I'll be pestering her to continue.

My Scribbles:

1. He Said, She Said (in Primetime) - my Secret Santa offering (which I'll post here in this LJ too, for the sake of my obsessive-compulsive need to categorize *G*)

2. Mr. Kelly Turns North - my [ profile] yuletide fic for [ profile] mscongeniality. The fandom is The Sting, the set-up is "Johnny Hooker, ten years later." I'm a little "meh" over this one at the moment. I'm in Rabid Editor Mode over the second and final part, but as I re-read part 1 I can see about ten different things that I want to fix/streamline/flesh out. I suspect I'll be writing, re-writing, and generally abusing the crap out of these characters for awhile until I'm satisfied that the plotlines work the way I want them to., flist, any recs to send my way?


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