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Fandom: Profiler

Story Type: Parody

Rating: PG

Spoilers: Erm, pretty much through Season Two, plus maybe "Otis, CA"

Synopsis: A stranger moves into Rose Garden Circle and the town of Green Valley, Connecticut will never be quite the same...

Not in My Back Yard )

The Amnest-ee Comments: Dear God, this is, like, ancient -- would anyone even get the Lewinsky/Starr bits anymore? On one level, I rather like Bitsy and Janey (I'm a Connecticut transplant and I think many of us would admit to having our own Inner Bitsy). On the other hand, I think the "who are these mysterious people" jokes are out-living their shelf-life, so I'm not holding out much hope of finishing this.

Bitsy and Janey would be fun OC's if I ever quit my day-job and churn out quirky mystery paperbacks, though. ;)
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For anyone who wanders over to [ profile] profiler_fans, my drabble Anniversary is a variation on this planned-but-not-written, loooooong AU.

Fandom: Profiler

Story Type: Drama, AU

Rating: R (violence, language, character deaths)

Spoilers: Pretty much through the end of "Reunion" in Season Four, then it takes off for parts unknown.

Synopsis: Fifteen years after tragedy strikes the VCTF, a revamped Task Force and its members are faced with a disturbingly familiar string of murders that dredges up a painful past.

All the Empty Places )

The Amnest-ee Comments: The character in that snippet is my OC Jack Lesher, whose parentage you can probably guess if you've watched the show, and it would probably make much more sense if I'd actually written out the prologue. This is another fic in the vein of my "Otis" WIP, where I have literally reams of notes and chapter details but it hasn't gone beyond that. The short version: Sam, Jack and Bailey are dead, Chloe's a cop, John's in Bailey's old job, and Frances is a new profiler graduate working with Rachel at the VCTF. Sharon escaped, had little Jack, he bounced around in foster homes before he learned his real parentage and now that it looks like Jack's back in Atlanta, Jack Jr. is bent on coming back and killing dear old dad for screwing up so many lives. He meets up with Frannie and Chloe and Co., and wackiness ensues.

At the moment this is low on my list to finish (not that anyone would be too torn up about that, as most of the characters people like to read about are dead anyway), but I sorta like Jack Lesher so I'm not relegating it to the trash bin yet.
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Fandom: "Profiler"

Story Type: PWP/Drama, Sam/Jack

Rating: NC-17 (currently PG-13ish)

Spoilers: Through the end of Season One

Synopsis: What if Jack had taken Sam's hand in "Venom?" A Skewed take on a favorite episode....

Precious Poison )

The Amnest-ee comments: First off, I'm still amazed that no one ever did this type of fic way back when, when there were a whole lot more of us SB'ers floating about. *G* There was a time when I was quite into the idea of this little scenario, and I could potentially see myself working on it again, but I think it'll morph into less NC-17 and more R, with a lot more conversation and fewer planned nekkid bits. Unless I get really evil with my next "Venom" re-watch and write a Jack/Sam/Robin three-way drabble. ;) Additionally, the name will have to be seriously re-vamped as it sounds way too romance novel-y for my tastes -- what was I thinking?


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