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So, apparently there's this pretty awesome show out there called "Heroes," and I'm only finding out a year or so after the fact. Obscure Fandom Girl is nothing if not consistently dense. ;)

Erm, what is it with me and my kink for hooking up serial killers and mouthy teens?? I think Claire and Sylar could have an interesting dynamic together if their paths ever crossed again. The way I envision it, things would be hot and angsty and bittersweet.

...the way I actually wrote it is, of course, a whole different little kind of crack-monkey. *G*

The Alpha Male (part 1)

Author: Robin Nance

Fandom/Characters: Heroes, Claire/Sylar, Mr. Muggles

Story Type: Humor/Romance

Rating: PG-13 (language, little bit of violence and suggestive situations)

Summary: Six months after Kirby Plaza, Claire’s had enough of the boredom that comes with being normal. Sylar’s goal is to avoid being ordinary at all costs. Be careful what you wish for….

Spoilers: Erm, all of season one and bits and pieces of the first three episodes of season two. After that it all goes to hell in the proverbial AU-handbasket. *G*

Disclaimer: Pfft, do you remember an episode where this even came close to happening? Obviously, they’re still not my toys. ;)


Somewhere along the line, her life had become all about Mr. Muggles' back end. )
nancefics: (ObscureFandomGirl) I think I started this sucker before the series actually ended. *boggles* It's amazing what you can find when cleaning out your .docs files.

This is basically a re-write of "Otis, CA," from a more skewed perspective. It's less romance than angst, I'd say, but it gets an "R" rating for smatterings of sex and violence.

...and because I'm such a big old music ho-bag, it gets its own oddball Otis-flavored roadhouse fanmix here. *G*

Seven Days: Prologue

Author: Robin Nance
Fandom: Profiler, Sam/Jack, Drama/Angst/Romance
Rating: R (sex/violence/language)

Feedback: Wanted, needed and appreciated - here or at

Synopsis: Perspectives, geography, and entire lives can change in seven days.

The waiting was the hard part. )
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OK, that [ profile] skewedbelievers New Year's/January challenge fic that I was ignoring in favor of playing with the previous meme? Has turned into a 3000+ word angst-fest. Because I like my Jack and Sam when they suffer, baby. ;)

So in an effort to avoid it yet again tonight, I present my tally of 2005 Fics and WiPs. I included a couple of the Secret Santa fics I wrote last year as well -- I hadn't posted them until the first week of January anyway, thanks to my computer having a massive meltdown around that time, so I figured they count. ;)

Completed Fics, by Fandom:

Crack-the-Whip (R, John/Frances, Drama/Romance) - 5904 words
Once They Built a Railroad (PG-13, Jack/Samantha, Drama/Angst) - 2143 words

Veronica Mars:
Call it an Adventure (PG-13, Veronica/Logan, Angst/Comfort/Friendship) - 2201 words

Dead Like Me:
Holes (R, George/Rube, Romance/Angst) - 356 words

Star Wars/Return of the Sith:
Keeping Up Appearances (R-ish, Anakin/Palpatine, Parody) - 4787 words
Sex and the Sithy, Part 1: Scenes from the Cafe Galactika (P-13, Cast, Parody) – 2488 words

By my calculations that makes a total of 17879 words - so, not as much as I'd have liked to write, but a respectable amount and a pretty reasonable goal to exceed this year, I think. ;)

WiPs, with snippets:

Untitled - Profiler - Sam/Jack parody )

Seven Days - Profiler - Cast, Sam/Jack )

A Little Like Insane - Profiler - Frances/Jack )

Frannie the Vampire Slayer - Profiler - Cast, Frances/John, Frances/Marcus )

Untitled - Point Pleasant - Christina/Boyd )

I didn't include a couple of WiPs that are more collections of sentences than cohesive stories at the moment; and I didn't include my 2005 Secret Santa fic because that's the one that I'm (hopefully!) going to finish and post this week. So help me out here, people -- should I continue these? And if the answer's yes, will you get out your Big Pointy Sticks and beat on gently encourage me? ;)
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Now that my shiny new computer is up and running and I've played around with burning CDs and making mp3 files familiarized myself with all of the very serious and important features, I've had a chance to re-install my trusty little Iomega zip drive. Hey, mock me if you must, but that little doober saved my hindparts several times when my dearly-departed laptop decided to have its semi-regular meltdowns. I owe that little Iomega. We have a relationship, man.

That brings me to the "Fic File" on said Iomega, which contains more half-started fics than I'd realized. Some of them were begging for the recycle bin, and off they went. But there are several there that I really want to work on, so I figured I'd post the list here to a) have a place to bookmark for periodic self-reminders and b) to at least have a reason to update this poor little LJ.

In-progress, active fics (erm, my version of 'active' at least): )

The 'plots are outlined, now I have to write 'em' fics: )

...and the obligatory random plot bunnies... )

Oy, big list. Any suggestions/motivational tips out there?
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This has been kicking around on my hard drive for over a month while I hammered out the plot-line -- maybe all the leading news stories this week about Hurricane Frances were what finally nudged my Muse into gear. *G*

Yes, it's a Buffy/Profiler cross-over. Yes, I'm spending a considerable amount of time and a potential butt-load o'chapters on a cross-over of two defunct shows. What's your point? ;)

Frannie the Vampire Slayer: Prologue )

Chapter 1 )
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Fandom: Profiler

Story Type: Parody

Rating: PG

Spoilers: Erm, pretty much through Season Two, plus maybe "Otis, CA"

Synopsis: A stranger moves into Rose Garden Circle and the town of Green Valley, Connecticut will never be quite the same...

Not in My Back Yard )

The Amnest-ee Comments: Dear God, this is, like, ancient -- would anyone even get the Lewinsky/Starr bits anymore? On one level, I rather like Bitsy and Janey (I'm a Connecticut transplant and I think many of us would admit to having our own Inner Bitsy). On the other hand, I think the "who are these mysterious people" jokes are out-living their shelf-life, so I'm not holding out much hope of finishing this.

Bitsy and Janey would be fun OC's if I ever quit my day-job and churn out quirky mystery paperbacks, though. ;)
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For anyone who wanders over to [ profile] profiler_fans, my drabble Anniversary is a variation on this planned-but-not-written, loooooong AU.

Fandom: Profiler

Story Type: Drama, AU

Rating: R (violence, language, character deaths)

Spoilers: Pretty much through the end of "Reunion" in Season Four, then it takes off for parts unknown.

Synopsis: Fifteen years after tragedy strikes the VCTF, a revamped Task Force and its members are faced with a disturbingly familiar string of murders that dredges up a painful past.

All the Empty Places )

The Amnest-ee Comments: The character in that snippet is my OC Jack Lesher, whose parentage you can probably guess if you've watched the show, and it would probably make much more sense if I'd actually written out the prologue. This is another fic in the vein of my "Otis" WIP, where I have literally reams of notes and chapter details but it hasn't gone beyond that. The short version: Sam, Jack and Bailey are dead, Chloe's a cop, John's in Bailey's old job, and Frances is a new profiler graduate working with Rachel at the VCTF. Sharon escaped, had little Jack, he bounced around in foster homes before he learned his real parentage and now that it looks like Jack's back in Atlanta, Jack Jr. is bent on coming back and killing dear old dad for screwing up so many lives. He meets up with Frannie and Chloe and Co., and wackiness ensues.

At the moment this is low on my list to finish (not that anyone would be too torn up about that, as most of the characters people like to read about are dead anyway), but I sorta like Jack Lesher so I'm not relegating it to the trash bin yet.
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Fandom: "Profiler"

Story Type: PWP/Drama, Sam/Jack

Rating: NC-17 (currently PG-13ish)

Spoilers: Through the end of Season One

Synopsis: What if Jack had taken Sam's hand in "Venom?" A Skewed take on a favorite episode....

Precious Poison )

The Amnest-ee comments: First off, I'm still amazed that no one ever did this type of fic way back when, when there were a whole lot more of us SB'ers floating about. *G* There was a time when I was quite into the idea of this little scenario, and I could potentially see myself working on it again, but I think it'll morph into less NC-17 and more R, with a lot more conversation and fewer planned nekkid bits. Unless I get really evil with my next "Venom" re-watch and write a Jack/Sam/Robin three-way drabble. ;) Additionally, the name will have to be seriously re-vamped as it sounds way too romance novel-y for my tastes -- what was I thinking?
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As I'd mentioned in [ profile] empty_marrow earlier today, I've been kind of knocking around my old fanfic files which have collected on various diskettes over the past months. Heh, actually, forget that "months" thing, I found this on a disk labelled "Skewed Fics 2001." Yeah, my muse is a fickle bitch who's gotten lots and lots of rest lately.

Anyway, in the midst of the crapfest o'Robinfics, I did find one or two pieces that I thought had the potential to keep my interest up without inducing too much retching (or re-writing, which can be even worse). This is in the "Reunion" universe (erm, ReuniVerse?). It's told primarily from Chloe's and Jack's perspectives, there isn't any romance or sexual content, and Jack isn't exactly a nice guy here. Because it's fun to write him as a sociopathic fuck-up on occasion, y'know? And sorry, it's still a WIP, with probably about seven or eight more chapters to come.

Just Because They Die, Jack/Chloe (nonsexual/nonromantic), PG-13

Disclaimers and Chapter One )


Chapter Two )


Chapter Three )


If anyone out there in LJ-land even still reads Profiler fic these days, I'd love your opinions on Chloe's voice and the interactions in the "sessions" - it's obviously a big ol' sign of aging that I'm rather uncertain about how to talk like an eleven-year-old. Pfft, kids these days.... *G*
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...but as I have my suspicions that the very-pretty-but-sadly-ignored VCTF Command Center will go "poof" and just vanish one of these days, I figured I'd transfer my fic-in-progress over to LJ-land. I like this one, for some reason; if the characters are nice enough to actually talk to me a little more (as opposed to their present standard glare-and-mumble), I might even finish it.

A Little Like Insane: Profiler, FrancesFic, R (language, sexual situations)

Part the First )

Part the Second )

*pokes at characters* Talk to me, dammit! I actually have ideas for this one!

...and no, my Harry/Sirius fics never did get beyond the planning stage, but in this new post-OotP world I figure I have more of a chance to actually rev 'em up. Because it's all about the Angst, baby. *G*


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