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* Just as a reminder to any flisters lurking out there, the Profiler Secret Santa sign-ups are still open for business! Sign-ups will close tomorrow, Sunday November 21st. If you're a former fan who'd like to revisit a little of the holiday fun in a nice friendly setting, please drop in and sign up!

* My Dear Yuletide Author letter is polished up and ready to be read. And I'm ready to go off in search of my recipient! As soon as, you know, the matching is done and I have a recipient. *drums fingers* Is is Yuletide yet?

* It's one of those rare years where I think I can actually spend time doing additional fun holiday stuff *says this quietly with crossed fingers*, so I'm thinking of signing up for [ profile] fandom_stocking. Is anyone else doing it this year?
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Written for [ profile] m_ravensblood  for the 2009 [ profile] yuletide exchange, and with thanks to [ profile] sinaddict for wading through my first couple of paragraphs o'crap - this finally turned into something I'm quite happy with, but it was a battle!

The original post at AO3 is here.

Right from the beginning - their beginning - he tells her the truth. )
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*cross-posted to [ profile] empty_marrow*

Now that I have a name to go with my fabulous [ profile] yuletide gift, I have to send a special thanks out to [ profile] tetsubinatu! She wrote Three Times That Hannah Penhallow got the better of Gabrielle Penhallow and One Time that she didn't", a marvelous take on L M Montgomery's "A Tangled Web" and a re-telling of a "frienemy" relationship that takes a rare sympathetic look at the complexities of Hannah "Nan" Penhallow. I really lucked out with a wonderful Yultide Santa!

And in case anyone's interested in Point Pleasant Christina/Boyd fic, my Yuletide gift for [ profile] m_ravensblood is I Have Not Conquered Everest. Special thanks to [ profile] sinaddict for reading over my first crappy paragraphs, and [ profile] m_ravensblood, it will be nice not to have to hide from you and watch what I say/type anymore! ;)

If anyone wants to pimp their own fics or gifts, please comment away - I'd love to read your recs, and I might even find a new fandom or two to obsess over. *G*
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Happy New Year! I think one of my resolutions for 2007 should be to post in this journal more than once every 3-4 months. *G*

The Recs:

1. Congratulations and a big THANK YOU once again to all of the talented souls at [ profile] profiler_fans, who came up with such creative goodies for the 2006 Secret Santa Exchange! Please go to the Big Wrap-Up Post at the PF site for links to all of the fics and mixes.

2. [ profile] rustler gifted me with an absolutely amazing fic for Yuletide, Us: Four Moments in Time. It's "The Wire", it's Stringer Bell/Avon Barksdale, and it's bittersweet and heartbreaking and awesome.

3. I got two wonderful special fic gifts from my fellow fans of off-kilter "Profiler" pairings: Faded Memories by [ profile] m_ravensblood is Sam/Jack skewed angst-fest about love that perseveres when the physical world fades, and Worst Case Scenario by [ profile] sinaddict (welcome back!) is an intriguing Frannie/John future-fic scenario that I'll be pestering her to continue.

My Scribbles:

1. He Said, She Said (in Primetime) - my Secret Santa offering (which I'll post here in this LJ too, for the sake of my obsessive-compulsive need to categorize *G*)

2. Mr. Kelly Turns North - my [ profile] yuletide fic for [ profile] mscongeniality. The fandom is The Sting, the set-up is "Johnny Hooker, ten years later." I'm a little "meh" over this one at the moment. I'm in Rabid Editor Mode over the second and final part, but as I re-read part 1 I can see about ten different things that I want to fix/streamline/flesh out. I suspect I'll be writing, re-writing, and generally abusing the crap out of these characters for awhile until I'm satisfied that the plotlines work the way I want them to., flist, any recs to send my way?
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Cross-posting from [ profile] empty_marrow, because I'm all a-squee over doing the [ profile] yuletide challenge this year. *G*

Dear Santa... )


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