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2008-05-25 11:29 am

Obscurity!Mix #2: and everything you love will break - Profiler, Jack/Samantha

After much interference from pesky RL I've finally finished my Obscurity!Mix for Sam/Jack, wherein their lives are chronicled via the obscure crap on my iTunes as requested by the lurvely [livejournal.com profile] m_ravensblood.

All lead-in quotes are from episodes of "Profiler" and, IMO, most of the songs and lyrics can be as skewed or non-skewed as the listener chooses to make them. Except for the decidedly-skewed cracky ficlet that leads in to the bonus track, because "Into the Dark" is just too damned angsty to end with, even for me. ;)

Drop a comment if you want a) any song uploaded individually off the .zip or b) an obscurity!mix for your own character/ship/whatnot...I have tons of weird-ass music that hasn't been touched yet!

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