Nov. 3rd, 2008

nancefics: (Secret Santa 2008!)
Wow, wasn't it just summer a few days ago?? It's (unbelievably!) time for Secret Santa sign-ups again, so prepare to be pimped at. *G*

Due to general life/work craziness I wasn't able to run the Profiler Secret Santa Exchange this year, but the lurvely [ profile] m_ravensblood has picked it up and is running strong with eleven participants signed up so far - not bad for a relatively obscure/older fandom, but I know there are more people out there who used to play in this sandbox. On this very f-list, even! *meaningful glances*

From the [ profile] profiler_fans site:

Only one week left to sign-up for the 2008 Profiler Fans Secret Santa Exchange!

Brighten your holidays and give back to the community by taking part!!!

The Secret Santa Exchange has been a staple of the profiler_fans community for many years now. It's easy to participate. You simply fill out a wishlist of what you'd like to get and what you in turn can give. Then with a bit of holiday magic, names are drawn from a festive mug and Secret Santas are matched.

Gifts can be anything from fic to icons to wallpaper to fanvids and music mixes. Feel like your favorite ship doesn't get enough attention? Sign-up and put it on your wishlist. Request certain lyrics or settings. Ask for a holiday romance or an angsty summer in Paris - this is a chance to make your wishes known and to brighten someone's holiday as well! It doesn't matter if you're an active member or a lurker - everyone who loves Profiler is welcome!!!

Sign-ups are here - please pimp this out to anyone/any comm you can think of, and come play!


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