nancefics: (ObscureFandomGirl) I think I started this sucker before the series actually ended. *boggles* It's amazing what you can find when cleaning out your .docs files.

This is basically a re-write of "Otis, CA," from a more skewed perspective. It's less romance than angst, I'd say, but it gets an "R" rating for smatterings of sex and violence.

...and because I'm such a big old music ho-bag, it gets its own oddball Otis-flavored roadhouse fanmix here. *G*

Seven Days: Prologue

Author: Robin Nance
Fandom: Profiler, Sam/Jack, Drama/Angst/Romance
Rating: R (sex/violence/language)

Feedback: Wanted, needed and appreciated - here or at

Synopsis: Perspectives, geography, and entire lives can change in seven days.

The waiting was the hard part. )
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Heh. Apparently I require a soundtrack before I can write fic, and then the soundtrack takes on a life of its own., this is my shameful secret: I'm in dark, dirty luuurve with 1950's -1970's era country & western music. *G* Mind, I was born in the 1960s and I spent lots of time around relatives in a tiny Canadian Maritimes province that was very into the C&W scene, so I basically grew up on a steady diet of this music. And as you can see from my other fanmixes, I definitely play in lots of other musical sandboxes, but when I get tired of all things rock/pop/emo/classical/etc., I invariably wander back to my honky-tonk tunes.

A teeny mini-meta on the appeal of the roadhouse ballad... )

Screw the meta, show me the music! )
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And so we continue in my “who exactly the hell is this again?” series of obscure fanmixes for obscure characters. *G*

The Who & Why of Avery Tolar… )
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Title: He Said, She Said (in Primetime)

Author: Robin Nance
Storyverse: Profiler, Angel/John, Humor/Romance
Setting/Spoilers: Season 3
Rating: PG-13 (language, sexual situations)

Summary: Somewhere between Lifetime and the NFL Network…are about a million miscommunications. Written as a very late Secret Santa gift for [ profile] granttroyturner at [ profile] profiler_fans…happy holidays, erm, New Year!

Disclaimer: John and Angel belong to the Profiler powers-that-be. Tom Brady and Michael Vick belong to themselves, much as I would love to claim them for my own. *G* I’m an avid fangirl of both Lifetime and the NFL Network, for what it’s worth…that might explain a lot.

John perches on the edge of the sofa, Angel taps her foot against her chair, and the general theme of the night is Awk. Ward. )
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Happy New Year! I think one of my resolutions for 2007 should be to post in this journal more than once every 3-4 months. *G*

The Recs:

1. Congratulations and a big THANK YOU once again to all of the talented souls at [ profile] profiler_fans, who came up with such creative goodies for the 2006 Secret Santa Exchange! Please go to the Big Wrap-Up Post at the PF site for links to all of the fics and mixes.

2. [ profile] rustler gifted me with an absolutely amazing fic for Yuletide, Us: Four Moments in Time. It's "The Wire", it's Stringer Bell/Avon Barksdale, and it's bittersweet and heartbreaking and awesome.

3. I got two wonderful special fic gifts from my fellow fans of off-kilter "Profiler" pairings: Faded Memories by [ profile] m_ravensblood is Sam/Jack skewed angst-fest about love that perseveres when the physical world fades, and Worst Case Scenario by [ profile] sinaddict (welcome back!) is an intriguing Frannie/John future-fic scenario that I'll be pestering her to continue.

My Scribbles:

1. He Said, She Said (in Primetime) - my Secret Santa offering (which I'll post here in this LJ too, for the sake of my obsessive-compulsive need to categorize *G*)

2. Mr. Kelly Turns North - my [ profile] yuletide fic for [ profile] mscongeniality. The fandom is The Sting, the set-up is "Johnny Hooker, ten years later." I'm a little "meh" over this one at the moment. I'm in Rabid Editor Mode over the second and final part, but as I re-read part 1 I can see about ten different things that I want to fix/streamline/flesh out. I suspect I'll be writing, re-writing, and generally abusing the crap out of these characters for awhile until I'm satisfied that the plotlines work the way I want them to., flist, any recs to send my way?
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...dude, there's like, activity on this LJ, go figure!

The 12 Drabbles of Christmas Challenge is going to be fun. And it runs through the end of January! And it sports the absolute best promo picture ever. *G*

...who, me? Gearing up to be a busy little ficcer for the holidays??

1. Auld Lang Syne 2. Baby It's Cold Outside 3. Blue Christmas 4. Candy Canes
5. Christmas Trees 6. Home For Christmas 7. Midnight Clear 8. Mistletoe
9. Santa Claus 10. Stocking Stuffer 11. Winter Rose 12. Winter Wonderland
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...because I'm very honored to have been considered for the [ profile] forsaken_fandom awards (particularly as I promptly had a Senility Episode and forgot the cut-off day to vote in it myself, grr!), and because [ profile] m_ravensblood makes gorgeous banners that beg to be displayed, this seemed like a nice place to, erm, banner-ize. *G*

ETA: ...and then she remembered to scroll all the way up on the Photobucket page and copy the next row. *headdesk* Thanks for the heads-up, [ profile] m_ravensblood, I think they're all posted now! ;)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting,Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

more prettiness behind the cut... )

*Mwah* and thanks to all of the kind souls who voted for me, and a well-deserved congratulations to all of the winners. Big kudos to the Judging Dream Team and to Meg for the lovely artwork, too - can't wait to see what you cook up for February!

Speaking of artwork, I'm...kinda OK with the new LJ layouts. I think. The little olives are cute, anyway, so I'll probably stick with this one for now. And I'm getting a kick out of my tag list, where "WIPs" is displayed in such a large, prominent font. Who'd'a thunk it, right? ;D
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Cross-posting from [ profile] empty_marrow, because I'm all a-squee over doing the [ profile] yuletide challenge this year. *G*

Dear Santa... )
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Since I've recently been coerced into gently encouraged into watching "The Inside" and drooling over [ profile] theinsidefic by [ profile] wily_one24, and since those creative ficcin' souls got it into their heads to do an Inside Drabble Challenge, my muse now has more to ignore me over. Whoo!

The Big Damn Inside Drabble Table:

001.Secrets. 002.Father. 003.Mother. 004.Hortatory. 005.Introspection.
006.Callow. 007.Implacable. 008.Flippant. 009.Tutelage. 010.Pride.
011.Selfish. 012.Jump. 013.Stand. 014.Reach. 015.Rely.
016.Turn. 017.Sideways. 018.Rose. 019.Jewel. 020.Human.
021.Coffee. 022.Brother. 023.Sister. 024.Knife. 025.Morbid.
026.Good. 027.Evil. 028.Despair. 029.Hope. 030.Challenge.
031.Shadow. 032.Dugan's. 033.Gun. 034.Cigar. 035.Deception.
036.Helicopter. 037.Filthy. 038.Cellophane. 039.Blush. 040.Ice Cream.
041.Red. 042.Prayer. 043.Mexico. 044.Pimp. 045.Rave.
046.Stars. 047.Moon. 048.Wounded. 049.Monkey. 050.Beer.
051.Celebrate. 052.Twist. 053.Water. 054.Appetite. 055.Luster.
056.Dull. 057.Numb. 058.Orchid. 059.Questions. 060.Answers.
061.Understanding. 062.Venture. 063.Yes. 064.No. 065.Maybe.
066.Accomplice. 067.Bonding. 068.Judge. 069.Faith. 070.Joke.
071.Gallows. 072.Failure. 073.Interrogate. 074.Hero. 075.Hide.
076.Mistake. 077.Obey. 078.Quake. 079.Race. 080.Scatter.
081.Shy. 082.Remote. 083.Penitence. 084.Learn. 085.Court.
086.Imperfect. 087.Hesitate. 088.Gray. 089.Kitchen. 090.Open.
091.Close. 092.Haunt. 093.Jabber. 094.Near. 095.Paper.
096.Abduct. 097.Stone. 098.Rum. 099.Writer‘s Choice. 100.Writer‘s Choice.

And now I really need to re-watch more "Inside" epis and see if I can perve out Web and Rebecca in 100 words or less. ;)
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So apparently, even when my fandom isn't particularly obscure, the characters I choose to fall for are. Nice to know I'm consistent. ;)

This is sort of a departure from my typical trip-hoppy female-vocalist-focused soundtracks. I figured Dylan and his boys would be more into the kind of modern hard-rocking tunes and Vietnam-era classics that go best with beer, football and cruising with the windows down on a hot summer's day. Jimi Hendrix and the bomb squad...can everyone see the bad "baby boomer" puns coming from a mile away? *G*

Enjoy, play 'em loud, and please let me know if any links are broken so I can fix 'em up.

well we've been here once before, and we've stuck it out for more... )

(Cross-posted to [ profile] empty_marrow as well as [ profile] fanmix and [ profile] fandomsounds. Resources for the artwork include wonderful screencaps done by [ profile] dj_capslock.)
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OK, that [ profile] skewedbelievers New Year's/January challenge fic that I was ignoring in favor of playing with the previous meme? Has turned into a 3000+ word angst-fest. Because I like my Jack and Sam when they suffer, baby. ;)

So in an effort to avoid it yet again tonight, I present my tally of 2005 Fics and WiPs. I included a couple of the Secret Santa fics I wrote last year as well -- I hadn't posted them until the first week of January anyway, thanks to my computer having a massive meltdown around that time, so I figured they count. ;)

Completed Fics, by Fandom:

Crack-the-Whip (R, John/Frances, Drama/Romance) - 5904 words
Once They Built a Railroad (PG-13, Jack/Samantha, Drama/Angst) - 2143 words

Veronica Mars:
Call it an Adventure (PG-13, Veronica/Logan, Angst/Comfort/Friendship) - 2201 words

Dead Like Me:
Holes (R, George/Rube, Romance/Angst) - 356 words

Star Wars/Return of the Sith:
Keeping Up Appearances (R-ish, Anakin/Palpatine, Parody) - 4787 words
Sex and the Sithy, Part 1: Scenes from the Cafe Galactika (P-13, Cast, Parody) – 2488 words

By my calculations that makes a total of 17879 words - so, not as much as I'd have liked to write, but a respectable amount and a pretty reasonable goal to exceed this year, I think. ;)

WiPs, with snippets:

Untitled - Profiler - Sam/Jack parody )

Seven Days - Profiler - Cast, Sam/Jack )

A Little Like Insane - Profiler - Frances/Jack )

Frannie the Vampire Slayer - Profiler - Cast, Frances/John, Frances/Marcus )

Untitled - Point Pleasant - Christina/Boyd )

I didn't include a couple of WiPs that are more collections of sentences than cohesive stories at the moment; and I didn't include my 2005 Secret Santa fic because that's the one that I'm (hopefully!) going to finish and post this week. So help me out here, people -- should I continue these? And if the answer's yes, will you get out your Big Pointy Sticks and beat on gently encourage me? ;)
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OK, the really pathetic thing about all this? Is that I'm blowing off writing a fic that I really need to finish, in order to do this meme. I'm blaming this on my characters' being stubborn, uncooperative little bastards. As opposed to, you know, my being all distractible and ADHD and stuff. *G*

I've seen tons of different versions of this meme, but they all seem to ask some pretty similar questions, so for your reading pleasure (or not), here's some NanceFics navel keyboard-gazing....

My Year in Fic... )

Next up, the Word Count/WiP meme-age -- but first I'm going back to writing, dammit!
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This virgin voyage into fanmix posting is brought to you by the letter "P," the number "666," and has been cross-posted to [ profile] fanmix and [ profile] fandomsounds as well as my [ profile] empty_marrow LJ. Because uploading a big butt-load o'YSI links takes ages even with DSL, and I might as well spread the lurve. Or annoyance. ;)

Obviously, I have this habit of falling for defunct, obscure shows. *G* I guess I could sub-title this mix "the 'ship that would never happen in the second season they're not going to film, but which would be so right up my warped, twisted, fandom-y little alley."

...because when an irresistable force such as her meets an old immovable object like him (and when there's so much snarky electricity between them) you just know they'd rock each other's Underworld. ;)

In the Red: A Christina Nickson/Lucas Boyd Fanmix

...and I hate to admit how I love when you give it to me... )

Please let me know if any links and such are broken or expired and I'll repair 'em!
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This bit of craziness is brought to you by the many oddball muses running amok in my head and not letting me study. *G* I always love reading [ profile] celli's conversations with her characters, and my guys decided they wanted in on the action.

What with being Obscure Fandom Girl and all, you probably have no clue who some of these characters are -- and as I'm a big ol' fandom ho-bag who loves to convert all and sundry into my fandoms, here be some helpful explanatory links for ye:

**Frances Malone, Jack of all Trades, Nick Cooper, and Sharon Lesher are all characters from the show "Profiler," my personal perpetual fandom and the one that's provided me with the greatest number of muses to torment endlessly be inspired by.

**Lilly Kane is the busiest dead girl you'll ever find on "Veronica Mars" and the main plot point of Season One.

**Frank Sobotka and Stringer Bell are from the amazing Baltimore-based HBO series "The Wire," which has a fanbase of about 10 people despite its being the best show on TV.

**If you don't know who Anakin Skywalker, Palpatine, or Sirius Black are by now...dude, is there air-conditioning in your cave??

Conversations with Fictional Folks, part the First: The Dead Men's Day-Spa )
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My sophomore effort at "Star Wars" parody fic, of the what-might-happen-if-George-Lucas-and-Candace-Bushnell-had-a-hot-yet-tragic-flannel-and-Manolo-filled-one-night-stand variety. Apparently, watching HBO reruns and partaking of the monkey crack leads to scary things. *G* Cross-posted to that wacky little crackhouse known as [ profile] unlimitedepower.

Sex and the Sithy, chapter 1: Scenes from the Café Galacticka

Author: Robin Nance

Story Type: Parody, Anakin/Padme, implied Anakin/Palpatine

Rating: PG-13ish

Summary: In which the Jedi does the Chancellor, the Chancellor does the Jedi, some back-story gets fleshed out, and everyone has these kick-ass shoes....


Ah, Coruscant -- if you ain't here, you're no freakin' place. )
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Cross-posting this liek woah in the hopes of drumming up some early holiday spirit:

Profiler Secret Santa Exchange 2005

I know I have a wonderfully talented f-list out there...think of it as a way to get some early holiday shopping out of the way! ...are you joining up yet, hmmm? *prod prod*
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In a bizarre accident stemming from a combination of excessive monkey-crack snorting and peer pressure, I seem to have jumped on the [ profile] fanfic100 bandwagon.

My subject o'the purported writing is...wait for it...contain your surprise, now...Frances Malone from "Profiler." Yeah, shocking, I know.

Not that this will make me forget the various drabbles and non-Frances-related stuff I owe everyone -- just think of this as more fodder for my big fluffy pile o'procrastination.

For those of you who might be interested (just what is wrong with you weird people?!), I present... the Big Damn Table of Fran-fiction... )
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Yes folks, that popping sound you hear is in fact my “Star Wars” fandom cherry. If anyone had told me a couple of months ago that I'd be writing for this fandom, let alone writing fluffy slashy parody for these two characters, I'd've asked for the number of their monkey-crack dealer. *sigh*

I'm blaming the evil, evil influences at [ profile] unlimitedepower for this one.

Keeping Up Appearances

Author: Robin Nance

Rating: R-ish for suggestive stuff and naughty words

Story Type: parody, Palpatine/Anakin, SLASH

Summary: Palpatine, Anakin, and maintaining illusions in public. One of them was bound to screw it up.

Cos Palpatine could have been a contender... )
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a) I generally am pretty sucky with making preeeetty art-work.

b) I go on ahead and make said skeery artwork anyway, sometimes including a new shiny trick like photo manips.

c) I end up feeding an evil, evil plot-bunny with said photo manips... )

*sigh* When I already have chapters and names and the full plot in my mind, you know this is going to end very very badly. *G*
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Challenges are good for stirring the guilt of the muse, yo. As long as [ profile] profiler_fans keeps up the monthly fic challenges, I stand a chance of actually cranking something out a few times a year. ;)

This was for the February "Love Gone Wrong" challenge. As in, take your 'ship and break it into sad little pieces. Whee, happy AngstHo!

Once They Built a Railroad

Author: Robin Nance

Story Type: Jack/Samantha, Drama/Angst

Rating: PG-13 (language)

Summary: Written for the February “Love Gone Wrong” challenge. Surely you didn’t think they had to break up to be miserable?

She becomes aware of it somewhere in the tiny rhythmic silences between the ticking of the clock. )


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